About Us

We are lovers of a good and deliberate design, we are a team that brings together enthusiasts from different fields: designers, architects, craftsmen and engineers.

 Our goal is to introduce original furniture designs into the environment utilizing the potential of new technologies and the beauty of the traditional craftsmanship.

Extremely important values that guide us to create furniture in our workshop is the highest quality, attention to the smallest detail, utility of created products and a thoughtful design.

The idea behind the brand Hex is to provide solutions tailored for individual customers` needs using the highest quality of natural materials and modern technologies. Our projects are directed to people aware of their needs, giving them a lot of opportunities to emphasize the individual character of the selected project. Each piece is a unique and exceptional work performed on the request. This is a huge advantage, especially for people who appreciate originality.

For our projects we use the highest quality materials simultaneously ensuring the best possible protection against the external factors. In our work we always focus on the precision and attention to details.

Hex is the team of exceptionally creative designers, limited collections of furniture, manual work of craftsmen and the highest quality of natural materials.