Our designs are performed for individual orders, and their production is limited. We offer the possibility of personalization of each model of Hex furniture and adapting it to the individual needs of our customers. Depending on the chosen model, as well as on the specifics of its design – the number of elements which can be modified differs.

Elements that can be customized to your needs:

Available types and shades of wood:

Oak –  hard and heavy wood, very durable. Grain figure is quite small. Resistant to abrasion.

Ash – heavy, strong and flexible wood, with a distinctive grain figure. Sensitive to moisture.

Different shades of wood are obtained by the use of a suitable wood stain, which changes its natural color. In addition, the color is highlighted by three layers of lacquer of the best quality. The use of the lacquer is intended to increase the durability of the surface and protect it from external factors.


After prior contact it is also possible to adjust the dimensions of the product according to customer`s needs.